A Month of Love Thoughts to Ponder

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Most people get so excited when it comes to February since it is a month-long celebration and manifestation of love. So here are your daily love thoughts throughout this entire love month:

Day 1: No greater love than the love of God. God is love and because of that love, He sent forth His only Son to become man and to walk with us, to be with us and to die for us so that we can live with Him in heaven forever.

Day 2: God's love knows no boundaries. We cannot fathom and comprehend God's love for us because even if how sinful we become, He is ready to accept and forgive us as long as we seek Him and come back to Him.

Day 3: You are loved even the times when you cannot love yourself. No matter how lonely and alone you feel, even if the world is against you, even if you think that people you love abandon you, even if you choose not to love, God loves you and He will never forsake you. You are always the apple of God's eyes.

Day 3: Love is not being searched, it is to be waited. No need to rush for love, you will just end up being with the wrong one. Wait for the right person. There is always someone who is God-picked for you. The right one is always worth waiting.

Day 4: Love is not only for lovers, love can be found in any type of relationships. You don't need to be romantically involved to feel love. You can find it in your family, with your friends, with your colleagues, and with everyone who shows you real kindness and sincerity. You just need to open your heart and eyes to see and feel it.

Day 5: Love is not always a bed of roses, it is sometimes accompanied with thorns. There is no perfect love. You cannot find it in this lifetime. There are always bittersweet moments. Accepting it and being brave to embrace it are the essentials of loving.

Day 6: Love is just a 4-letter word but it defines everything. You can never explain love. It is broad, it is mysterious, it is bizarre. Yet, you don't have to define it in words, you just have to feel it in actions.

Day 7: Love is not about the number of I love you's you said but the number of sorry's you accepted. Love is patient, kind and forgiving. It is accepting the fact that nobody's perfect and so with love is.

Day 8: Love is like the air, without it you'll die but too much of it, you'll get suffocated. It should be seasoned with the right ingredients enough to make your heart healthy and strong.

Day 9: Love is not mandatory but it is a necessity. In order to be happy and to be human, you need to feel love. A person without love in his heart is alive physically but dead spiritually.

Day 10: True love is when you find someone that compliments you. It doesn't mean that you have to be the same in all ways but more on how you respect and accept each other's differences.

Day 11: Relationships take two to tango. No relationship can last long when it is worked on to by one only person. It should be the efforts of both involved. It is a give-and-take cycle always.

Day 12: When you decided to love, be ready to get hurt. Love is not always for happy moments. It is a book filled with joys and sorrows. When you love, expect that you'll get hurt since love moves in that way sometimes. You need to be ready. After all, love becomes stronger through pain.

Day 13: You don't need to change for love, for love is accepting for who you truly are. Be yourself always because true love is being comfortable of who you are. It never demands you to be someone else. If a person truly loves you, he or she will accept you no matter who and what you are.

Day 14: It is not a requirement to show love in public, it is best felt when shared privately. Sincerity is when you do things when noone is watching. So there's no need to flaunt it to everyone. It is not their business and people don't even care, it is to both of you alone.

Day 15: Love is being selfless but leave something for yourself. Love is like gambling, it is a do or die game. You need not to give your all, instead set aside a portion for yourself so won't lose everything if it doesn't work.

Day 16: There is no right love at a wrong time because if love is right, everything will fall into its proper places. No need to push for love for love will not become a constant struggle when it is right. Sometimes, we need to accept that love is not always what we expect it to be.

Day 17: Giving up is part of love but that should be your last option. Sometimes, love will test our patience and will measure how wide our tolerance is. You should fight for love as the very basic attempt but if you feel that there is no point of fighting anymore, it always okay to let go.

Day 18: True love casts out all our fears. As the cliche goes, love conquers all. Yes, indeed love can do anything if you choose to stick to it no matter how hard the odds would come along your way.

Day 19: No matter how much love you get from people, it feels extra different being loved by the person you love. Love does not always end up being reciprocated. If it happens that the person you love, loves you back, cherish it, value it and never ever do things to let that love go.

Day 20: Self-love is love itself. You can never love anyone if you don't start to love yourself first. It's like investing first for yourself before starting another venture to other people. Self-love is not a sign of selfishness, it is boosting your self-esteem.

Day 21: Everyone deserves love that is true. Be vigilant for fake love and toxic relationships. People who know nothing about the true meaning of love tend to hurt people by deceiving and playing with them. We all deserve true love. You are not an outcast, you are special.

Day 22: Love is synonymous to the great value of humility. In loving, you need to step down your pride in order to keep it going. One must humble himself or herself to cool down any misunderstandings and heated arguments.

Day 23: Relationships will never last long if love alone. Love is one thing but that is not enough to keep a relationship going. It is a total package of understanding, contentment, humility, forgiveness, being selfless, and most importantly, God-centeredness.

Day 24: Love is not always all that matters. In this life, you need to always choose to be kind because our love may not be the love others want and we might end up strangling them to death on their neck. Sometimes, love is sacrificing for the happiness of the people you love even if it hurts us in return.

Day 25: You meet the person you love by chance but staying in love is always, always your choice. We are given the freedom and the options whether to stay in love or to let go. Just remember, no matter what you choose, always choose what is best and what could make both of you happy and that you will not live with regrets for the rest of your life.

Day 26: Love is not like fairytales in story books or in movies, it is a reality we need to live by depending on how we handle it. The result of love is up on how you manage situations. Love is not forever and a happy ever after because everything ends and death is constant, but remember, happy endings exist. At least, we should all strive for it.

Day 27: Every love story has its own uniqueness. Contentment is one of the vital elements in loving. Never compare your love or your relationship for what others have. Being not contented will lead you to unhappiness and unhappiness will make you miserable. Your love story is special. God has placed that love for you alone and not to them.

Day 28: Love is more about listening rather than of talking. Every misunderstanding and every problem can always be remedied through a proper and sincere conversation. Learn to listen, hear each other's side and think of a resolution. Don't get pride get in the way. The reason why have two ears and one mouth is for us to hear twice than talking.

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